We know that the fast pace of our daily lives often limits the development of meaningful and satisfying relationships that encourage us to grow spiritually. With family, work, and school schedules, many of us are looking for a time to pull away, to take a look at the bigger picture beyond merely struggling with the mechanics of living.

At Living Word, we want to have a real impact on those around us through the exercise of our faith in Jesus Christ.  He alone is our Victory in living, our Hope of eternal glory, and the Source of all our joy.  He alone is the Answer to all of life's questions and struggles.  But how can we learn to more effectively share that wonderful news with those around us?

Easy.  Through LIFE Groups...Living In Faith Everyday.  LIFE Groups are designed to encourage the growth of our personal relationships with God and other believers.  In homes all around the Coulee Region, students, singles, working men and women, and families gather every month for teaching and heart-to-heart sharing.

A typical LIFE Group runs something like this:  It starts with some pleasant conversation.  Then, the hosts lead the group for a few minutes of teaching from the Word of God.  Next, we talk about ways to apply that teaching in our daily lives.  The evening closes with casual fellowship and prayer for one another.