From the Desk of Pastor Mark D. Clements

Greetings All!

For the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever!!

I trust this finds you strong in the Lord and living in the light of His grace every day.

The primary reason for this email is to communicate to you that we will again be streaming tomorrow morning’s service through our website, on Facebook Live and taping it to be broadcast later on YouTube. Please continue to stream with us – I look forward to worshipping together with you in any and every way that we can utilizing every means possible! 

I also wanted to communicate to you that our church will be OPEN for service on Wednesday night May 27th and then again on Sunday, May 31st – and every Wednesday and Sunday after that.  I have been anticipating this, as you have, for quite some time!  However, we will be gathering with a number of adjustments necessary and taking many precautions. Most of these I will now list for you:

  • We will be utilizing our Sanctuary (split into two sections), our Teen Center, Fellowship Hall and the Assembly Room in our new addition via video screens and closed circuit TV.  This is due to the limitation of no more than 50 people per space. Due to the added time to screen everyone (see below) and seat everyone, please consider giving extra time to arrive early.  The building will be open one hour before each service so that arrivals can begin.
  • Upon arrival in the parking lot, please observe social distancing recommendations with other people (6-8 feet of space between yourself and anyone not part of your household).

  • PLEASE NOTE:  Everyone entering our facility will be required to wear a mask inside of the building. A mask is required when you are seated in the service. We are not providing masks (for liability reasons), therefore please assure that you and all members of your family have masks before your arrival.

  • An usher will be opening each door upon your arrival (no need for you to touch doors).

  • A greeter inside will offer you hand sanitizer.

  • Members of our MAT Staff (Medical Assistance Team) will do a “no touch” forehead temperature scan of each person upon arrival.

  • A sign at each door will list identifying symptoms of COVID-19 concern:

    • Fever: if temperature reads 100.4 degrees or higher
    • Muscle pain
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Sore throat
    • Shortness of breath
    • New loss of taste or smell
    • Dry cough
    • Chills

  • You will be directed toward whatever location has space for you or your group. Each space will be filled based on time of arrival in the following order:  Sanctuary (south side); Sanctuary (north side); Teen Center; Fellowship Hall; Assembly Room; Chapel.  Once a capacity of 250 is reached no other admittance will be permitted for that service.

  • Pre-Service Prayer will be broadcast to each of the above listed rooms and should be observed by all in attendance from their seats.

  • All should refrain from moving forward during praise time.

  • PLEASE NOTE: No nursery or children’s ministry activities will be taking place during services until further notice. All families will be asked to sit together, enter together and exit together.

  • Restrooms will be monitored by staff and limited to ONE individual at a time – or one parent if a child needs assistance. As with all other moving around within the building, a mask is required during that time. Each restroom will have only one stall and one sink open. Staff will disinfect each restroom after each use. Please only use restrooms when absolutely necessary and refrain from going in to fix hair, makeup, etc.

  • As hard as this may be, please refrain from hugs and handshakes. “There is a time for embracing and a time to refrain from embracing” (Ecclesiastes 3:5).

  • Ushers will carry baskets in each room to receive offerings (no need for anyone else to touch baskets). At this time, building fund boxes will not be utilized.

  • Communion elements will also be distributed in each room by an usher. PLEASE NOTE:  To receive communion you must be wearing a mask when you take the elements out of the tray. Also please note, do not place your empty cups in the back of a chair. Please hold them and an usher will come by following communion and collect your empty cups.

  • To accommodate those desiring prayer at the close of each service, Pastor will ask them to stand where they are. Those desiring to be anointed with oil for physical healing will be asked to raise their right hand high. In each room, an Elder or Executive Deacon will anoint those individuals with oil. They will be wearing gloves and masks, and those receiving anointing with oil will be asked to mask also. Pastor will then pray for and over all who are standing.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Dismissal will be by rows and room by room. Also, please note that you may be directed to exit the building (each person wearing masks) at a different location than where you entered. For example, those in the Assembly Room will exit the side door out the west driveway. Those in the Teen Center will exit through the Teen Center entrance. Following their dismissal, those in the Fellowship Hall will exit also out the Teen Center. Those in the north half of the Sanctuary will use the main rear exit, followed by those in the south half of the Sanctuary.

  • PLEASE NOTE:  Public recommendations at this time are that infants and those over the age of 65 should avoid group and large gatherings. We are asking that each person decide for themselves and do what they are at peace with. We will not be pressuring anyone to attend, and we will turn no one away based on age.

  • Recommendations at this time are also that individuals with pre-existing breathing conditions such as asthma or emphysema and those with compromised immune systems avoid groups and large gatherings. We again are asking each individual to act wisely, use discretion and do what you have peace with.

  • Our Information Center, Bookstore and Coffee Bar will remain closed at this time.

  • No other activities will take place within our facility until further notice. Please consult our website for online meeting information for the following:

    • Men’s Bible Study
    • Women’s Bible Study
    • Phase II
    • LIFE Groups
    • Youth Meetings
    • Ladies Exercise Class
  • The church office will remain closed until further notice.

Thank you very much for your understanding!

Thank you all who have been assisting up to this point to get our church open again! And thank you all very, very much who will be helping, assisting and serving in a wide variety of positions and functions as we implement these new procedures and protocols and open our church for services again in a safe and secure, conscientious and responsible manner.


I look forward to seeing you all very soon!


Be strong!  Be well!

Be safe!  Be blessed!!

Pastor Clements

Living Word Christian Church

2015 Ward Ave.

La Crosse, WI  54601

Office: 608-787-5922